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Crisis Core : FF7

H i there !
Back from holidays with a lil post about a PSP game that I'm currently playing ~ Final Fantasy 7 prequel : Crisis Core.

I t's such a pleasure to play Zack, you get to see what happened 7 years before the first FF7 (the one with Cloud as a hero, on Playstation) and he isn't introverted like the usual FF characters. You also meet old friends : Aerith, Cloud of course, Sephiroth, the Turks... and new characters such as Angeal, Cissnei or Genesis. What surprised me the most is that Sephiroth acts much more "humanly" than he does in the original FF7. You can see him laugh or making jokes ! Anyway, the good thing is you can't level up just by beating monsters, it's all up to your luck in getting three 7 on the jackpot wheels that turn constantly while you're fighting. As always, CG scenes are wonderful, especially at the end of the game. When you beat the game, you can start a new one and keep your stats and items. Since it takes about 25 hours to finish it, there are 300 optional missions to deepen your interactions with characters (making a flower cart for Aerith, training with Shinra soldiers...). If you're not afraid of spoilers, I recommend watching the ending scene on youtube explaining why Cloud acts just like Zack in the original FF7 (the theme song is "Why?" by Ayaka, singer of the Zettai Kareshi drama ending).

     B elow is a fight scene between the 3 SOLDIER 1st class, Sephiroth, Angeal & Genesis, and the beach scene where you can experience umbrella fighting XD I just love these GMVs !

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